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By Andrew Iler (anonymous) | Posted September 08, 2011 at 21:36:07

Community access along with vibrant and inclusive youth programs are the key components to all sustainable long-term high performance sports programs.

Youth and community programs have been given a very high priority by the decision-makers at City Hall.

I can tell you from my perspective, that without guaranteed youth and community programs, I would not support the building of the velodrome.

At every meeting and every critical point along the way, I have stated the necessity of making the velodrome a highly accessible, multi-purpose COMMUNITY facility.

Those who argue that velodromes are only used by elite athletes are not basing their opinions on what is happening at successful real-life velodrome facilities.

What is amazing about velodromes, unlike most other professional sports facilities, is that young kids get to compete on the same field of play as Olympic Champions.

They held the Commonwealth Games on the Meadowbank Velodrome in Edinburgh Scotland, but it is the youth of the city that have been the real beneficiaries of this outdoor facility's 42 years of existence.

Watch the video.

The only "elite" athlete in the whole video is wearing jeans and sneakers and isn't riding a bike. The rest of the participants are kids!!

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