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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted September 06, 2011 at 19:43:25 in reply to Comment 69122

With all due was your comment elsewhere I referenced to Graham, whose comment you've replied to...comparing what the Hamilton velodrome would be and what the Forest City Velodrome is, is akin to comparing a Granny Smith apple with Delicious.

The Forest City Velodrome is the shortest permanent velodrome in the world, measuring 138 metres with 50-degree bankings and 17-degree straights.

Meanwhile, the PanAm Games facility...wherever it is ultimately located...would be a 250m UIC-sanctioned indoor facility, one of only two in North America.

As well:

The building was constructed in 1963 as the London Gardens, home to the London Knights ice hockey team. In 1994 it was renamed London Ice House. In early 2005 it was remodeled into the Forest City Velodrome by local cycling enthusiast and track racer Rob Good and Albert Coulier's Apollo Velodrome Systems company.

In other words, this is a re-fitted facility, not a bespoke one.

It might be best to think of this velodrome as the cycling equivalent of an indoor, International Speed Skating Federation, world-championship event oval: yes, club skaters could use the facilities, but not a classroom from the local elementary school. Its primary focus is upper-level training and competition.

These are the Pan American Games we're talking about. And the legacy can certainly include introducing cyclists to the sport. But I'm reminded of the dangers of compromise in the expression 'Jack of all trades, master of none.'

If the idea of having an uncompromised elite facility doesn't sit well with Hamiltonians...then let's do the right thing and pass on the entire endeavour. Canada's elite athletes deserve the best we can provide, and the Mohawk facility ain't that.

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