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By It's All Good! (anonymous) | Posted September 04, 2011 at 19:34:40

Regarding Bob's assertion that the Ivor Wynne rebuild is a "non-issue" outside of a few dissidents, have a look at these:

CBC: If you build it they will come. Or perhaps not. Or maybe if you build it over here. Or maybe not. Or, hell, let's just start all over again -

Remember when no one wanted to build a new stadium in Hamilton on the Ivor Wynne site because there wasn't enough parking, and it wasn't as good a place for revitalization as, say, the port lands?

Finally they came right back to Balsam and Beechwood and decided to renovate the 1930 pile, home of the prettiest bathrooms in the league. Until, that is, a check of the stadium showed it can't be, you know, renovated.

So now, the city will work with the Tiger-Cats and the Pan Am 2015 folks to knock Ivor Wynne down, change the configuration from west-east to north-south, eliminate a nice little soccer stadium next door, increase parking, and do it for the same money.

Not to mention on time for the 2014 CFL season.

Some of the city councillors are a little confused. So are we.

New Hamilton Stadium Makes No Sense at All -

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