Comment 69034

By Dissident Addict (anonymous) | Posted September 04, 2011 at 10:07:13 in reply to Comment 69028

To conflate all urban infrastructure with "cakes" is way too simplistic. LRT is not a sports stadium. Further, to equate engaged citizens with addicts (or dissidents) is, to put it politely, a gross misunderstanding.

The facts are, time and time again, other cities have prioritized various infrastructure are a physical expression of the type of city they want to build. The central question is, What type of city do you want to be? In terms of the Pan Am stadium, it was always about leveraging that investment to do something else. It was never just a home for a football team. The Mayor has reduced it into a simple "cake" - only a stadium, void of its context and purpose. He has been appropriately called out for this, not as the target of heckling, but as the elected representative responsible.

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