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By AETHERMAN (registered) | Posted September 02, 2011 at 16:00:19

@ADRIAN: I agree BIGTIME with your thoughts about city council! Something is TERRIBLY WRONG when they also ignore the warnings of the dangerous Fluoridation Chemicals used in Hamilton's Municipal Water Supply. I have sent dozens of research articles by E-mail to all 15 councillors and the mayors office, advising that the toxic chemicals used are Fluorosilicic Acid (FSA) and Sodium Fluorosilicate (SFS), which are derived from pollution scrubbing operations from phosphoric acid production. Those chemicals are causing a myriad of health problems including damage to the Pineal and Thyroid Glands, diseases like Diabetus, Bone Cancers, etc., over time! (Accumlative effects). They contain arsenic, lead, aluminum, uranium-238 and its decay rate products, etc. Over 3600 Medical Professionals have signed an online petition to BAN those toxic chemicals at: . The Hamilton Board of Health could not prove those chemicals are 100% safe for human or animal ingestion! The 1 inch thick literature they sent me, at best, read that "testing is still ongoing"! They also say that Fluoridation chemicals are not a drug, but a supplement! Some of the alderman agreed with me that those chemicals are unneccessary and would save this city $2 to $3 MILLION per year! Many cities have de- commissioned their Fluoridation systems, including Waterloo, Niagara Falls, Calgary-Alberta, etc. The bottom line is, no alderman or the mayor are interested in stopping this MADNESS! Instead, they rely on the lies and deception of the local Health Board who say they are safe. I asked Clr. Sam Merulla by E-mail to start a Motion to Stop Fluoridation. He has not done so for over 4 months. Also, the Ministry of Health and Environment have not responded to my E-mails! Something is terribly wrong with this whole picture! People are being mass medicated against their will through their tap water and food! There is also a on-line petition for Hamilton at .If you (Adrian) were elected Mayor or an Alderman, would you make a strong effort to stop Fluoridation? (db)

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