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By Jon Dalton (anonymous) | Posted June 08, 2007 at 16:04:25

I ride my bike for 5 minutes as part of my commute, along Appleby Line over the QEW. This short stretch of road will probably be the place where I die, because it's more dangerous than anywhere else I ride. Bikes have to go between 2 lanes of speeding traffic because they can't keep to the extreme right in the merging lanes from the highway, so I just stay in my legal position to the right of the regular traffic lane. Drivers honk and swear quite regularly simply for being on the road, as if I should be on the QEW on-ramp instead, waiting for a break in the line of cars already accelerating to get on the highway. Most drivers simply do not recognize that cyclists are part of the traffic flow, and that can be blamed on lack of education and such a low percentage of cyclists. I felt safer in European cities even with their narrow lanes, because drivers simply drive past leaving ample clearance. These days I don't even look behind me when I hear a transport truck coming behind me - I figure this is the way I'll eventually leave the world anyway.

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