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By Frank (registered) | Posted June 08, 2007 at 12:41:40

I biked to work several times this spring but stopped after almost getting hit by a snack truck at the corner of Grays Road and Barton Street. I agree that in a car-bike battle the car will win but I don't agree with the statement that when a cyclist disobeys a stop sign or some other rule of the road that he only endangers himself. When a driver does see a cyclist do something "illegal" he will try to avoid that person either by slamming on the brakes or swerving... That in turn scares other drivers and could eventually lead in only the cyclist being the one that's not hurt. Also, just a comment... does it not make sense to drive in the left hand side of the right lane? When you're riding a motorcycle, that's what's suggested because it forces the driver to make a complete lane change as opposed to just moving over slightly. To me, that seems safer.

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