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By Simon (registered) - website | Posted August 31, 2011 at 11:50:41

I couldn't agree more!

The sad truth is most of council (with some quite obvious exceptions) is just not qualified to do the job and make the decisions that they are required to make.

Its obvious to anyone who pays attention to Hamilton City Council - and you can be certain council's fundamental incompetence is obvious to their own staff, business leaders, community groups, upper levels of government and pretty much anyone else who has to go through council.

This is not bashing "politicians" or even individual councilors who try hard, really do care (about their individual wards anyway), and work very hard. I really believe councilors are drastically underpaid - and there is no way you could pay me enough to go listen to people complain about potholes, stop signs, dog shit, speeders, or any of the other number of annoying day to day municipal bullshit that frankly - I don't give a rats ass about.

But when it comes to real decisions. Real business decisions. Real financial analysis. Real engineering. Real municipal planning. The big picture, long term fundamentals - that is where most of council falls flat on their face.

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