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By NA (anonymous) | Posted August 30, 2011 at 18:04:02

By your logic then, the Vancouver Olympics (with an estimated cost of $5-6 billion) was a waste of tax payer money (as with all major sporting events, it lost money). I would suggest that most-if-not-all Canadians would disagree with the notion that the Vancouver Olympics were a waste of money.

Although I admit that more Canadians followed the Olympics than follow the CFL (or even the NHL for that matter!) the Grey Cup is the single most-watched sporting event in Canada (6.5 million +). This suggests to me that your math on the 2.2% of the population following the TiCats may be incorrect.

I'm looking forward to the new stadium - it will promote the City nationally, bring stability to the football team, and promote athletics in the City. In a society that is systematically becoming more and more Americanized (in terms of expanding waist lines and a fading Canadian culture) the CFL and it's teams are proud part of our heritage which is worth of support. Go to a game - you just may enjoy yourself! ;)

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