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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted August 30, 2011 at 17:30:11 in reply to Comment 68433

No, there are certain peices of architecture that have history and need to be preserved. The Connaught, the old school houses behind city hall, the Pigott Building, Landmark place, The Lister Block, The TH&B station, Liuna station and Whitehern are some examples. However, just because a building is old, doesn't make it historical or architecturally pleasing.

There MUST be a mesh of both new development and old developement. Calcifying downtown Hamilton as a city perpetually in it's glory days doesn't address the density issues Hamilton faces. It doesn't address the decaying physical state of many of them. It doesn't address a need for new development to make new history in the heart of the city and move forward. Last it doesn't address the needs of developers who can aid us in many of these circumstances.

Now I will agree the swath of surface parking in the core, is preferable to target new development then knocking down exsisting buildings. However given just how much money and how much effort is involved in acquiring a large parcel of land, a development such as this (assuming it goes according to the stated plan) must be welcome. Given that this is a partial demolition, preserving the only part of the building with a claim to fame (it's sculptures) this is exactly the kind of project I want to see happening in Hamilton.

Of course, if Vranich backs out, all bets are off and he should be tarred and feathered.

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