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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted August 30, 2011 at 15:12:26

But only if you have a group of leaders with skin thick enough to take constructive criticism and who do not hold the electorate in contempt.

These are the kinds of people we want...these are the kinds we'll (eventually) elect. Right now there's SO little chance to see what a candidate is like...our vetting process is crappy...but if we had town hall meetings, they'd address elections as well.

Unfortunately though, thus far, not yet a year into this council term, we have a Mayor who is vying with Gadaffi for "Most Unyielding Bunker Mentality" because he simply cannot handle tough questions. What do we do about a character like that, and what do we do when they don't want to engage with citizens and media (unless they are friendly and handpicked)?

We're talking entirely different paradigms.

This kind of behaviour would not be tolerated within the one I'm suggesting.

But right now, he's able to do it...because he has the equivalent of a 'monopoly'. With an entrenched town hall system, it simply wouldn't happen. (And we wouldn't have elected him in the first place because the paradigm would be in place to enable better vetting by way of a better-informed populace.)

I understand that what I'm talking about is like thinking about...well, for example, people being able to talk on a phone on the move...or listen to music on the move...

It's called progress.

I guess I'll just have to fashion it to be a little more 'sexy' for it to be greeted more amiably.

: )

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