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By jeffiner99 (anonymous) | Posted June 06, 2007 at 13:35:54

Dr. Hirschhorn,
Dr. Paul is the most knowledgeable candidate about the US Constitution and I am sure knows about the Article V convention issue. However, he only gets a few measly seconds to discuss things on the debates. If you watched the NH debate last night it was appalling how little time he gets. He doesn't even have time to talk about the Fed and the inflation tax, which is a much more pressing matter but equally difficult to discuss without educating the public.
I suggest you go to Lew Rockwell .com and look for Ron Paul's name under columnists and see if you can find an article he has written on this subject.
Also, call the media. Tell them what a poor job they are doing; how we all want to hear more of Ron Paul and a lot less of Mitt and Rudy. Call CNN and tell them you find it deplorable that while Ron Paul is leading the polls on their own site, their pundits ignore him completely. Tell CNN we will stop trusting them altogether if they keep showing such blatant favoritism.
I just came from a convention from the Future of Freedom Foundation where Dr. Paul spoke and he had a lot of eloquent things to say about the Constitution and the recent abuses.
It's not that he is not talking about these things, it is just that you are not getting to hear them.

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