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By SomeDude (anonymous) | Posted August 18, 2011 at 10:13:55

A Hamiltonian sent this link to me, so understand this is a comment from a non-resident, but also understand that I lived in the city for many years, and have a soft spot for the area.

The acceptance of the obvious and blatant corruption here is just baffling. Is this just normal in Hamilton? Have you just been seeing it for so long that you see it as business as usual? I lost count of the number of heinous, evil points in here, but seriously... knowingly demolishing a building with asbestos, spreading that all over the city, almost certainly giving cancer 20 years down the road to lots and lots of people... that's mass murder. And again, that's forgetting everything else in the article.

Where's the outrage, folks? Where's the lynch mob? I often find myself defending the city from what I see as an unfair reputation, but today I think I'll just lower my head in shame. Enjoy your quiet lie down as corruption and terminal illness surround you.

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