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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted August 17, 2011 at 11:39:14 in reply to Comment 68124

You know what I say Adrian? Hamilton makes a choice. Either a choice to toss these types of developers/investors out on their kiester's and open the doors for many more smaller, community-minded investers to set up shop, or continue to scare of small business and open the doors for Goth-ham city - the Darko night.

Obiously the former is preferred. Perhaps by sitting on the fence here, we are not an attractive option for either side.

James St N, Ottawa St, etc. hopefully are leading us to the former. Walmart moving into the Centre, Darko in charge of our downtown development, leans us strongly in the other direction.

I feel yesterday's twittering, facebooking, movie creations, and various emails to councillor's, brought up plans that did not exsit for this location before yesterday.

We may never know but kudos to everyone who covered this story from inspiring photographs and film, to reminding us here all the reasons why this building should not come down.

I think yesterday was a good day for Hamilton in many ways.

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