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By highwater (registered) | Posted May 30, 2007 at 22:05:20

ooo. Thanks, Ryan. Clipped and saved for peach season.

You can always do half and half butter and shortening for your crust. I actually prefer cheaper no name shortenings. They seem to make a flakier crust. Higher water content, I think. Just don't forget to chill it first.

Now here's one for you courtesy of Hmag. Impress your friends by cooking with weeds while at the same time helping reduce the noxious garlic mustard that's killing our maple forests and turning our woodland edges into monocultures:

Garlic Mustard Pesto

3-4 cups small garlic mustard leaves (picked early spring) 1/3 c roasted seeds/nuts (I used pine nuts, walnuts would be nice too) 1/3 c olive oil 10 cloves garlic 1/4 c grated parmesan

Process all ingredients in food processor to desired consistency.

This is VERY garlicy. I had some tossed with pasta before choir practise. BIG mistake. They're still not speaking to me. Next time I'll toss in some parsley as well. Also nice on bruschetta mixed with mayo and a little lemon juice, but only to be shared with very close friends.

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