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By jason (registered) | Posted May 30, 2007 at 17:09:43

Just got home from riding my bike to work... we own a car but it sat in the drive today. as it does 2 or 3 days a week when I ride my bike or take the bus to work. We too have saved money, but not nearly as much as we could without a car. last time I checked it costs me around $8,000 a year to own my car (we're still leasing). However, since moving downtown 6 years ago (when gas was around 50c a litre) our monthly allotment for gas has gone down...not up. And we drive less km resulting in less wear and tear and (we hope) a longer life for our car once we buy it out after the lease ends. On top of all that, we are in the best physical shape of our lives with all the walking and biking we do....the Market, Locke South, James North, Hess Village, Jackson Square all within a 10-15 minute walk. We too lived in the suburbs previously and will simply never go back. Living downtown has been amazing.

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