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By RenaissanceWatcher (registered) | Posted August 10, 2011 at 19:42:06

Apologies for momentarily digressing from the topic at hand, but Grape Ape asked "Any word on the velodrome?"

After the vote on the McMaster Health Campus/Public Health Centre proposal yesterday, a verbal report on the velodrome was made by Gerry Davis, General Manager of Public Works, to the General Issues Committee Meeting. Here is a point form synopsis of his verbal report:

-no decisions were required at this meeting

-the city is working with Mohawk College on a Memorandum of Understanding on a velodrome including 3 gymnasiums and a common area

-the land belongs to Mohawk College, and the facility will be owned by the city

-the city will operate the track and the college will operate the gymnasiums

-they are continuing to use a business consultant to refine the business plan

-the RFP on the velodrome, Ivor Wynne Stadium and York University Athletics Stadium is scheduled to be issued by Infrastructure Ontario by the end of August, 2011

-a meeting between the city, Mohawk College, Infrastructure Ontario and Toronto 2015 is scheduled for August 17th

-they don’t have the final specifications yet

-the overall cost has not been finalized- city staff will identify the overall capital budget, operating budget, revenue and operating costs, and the debt impact to the city

-the city will probably need to have a special GIC meeting before the end of August, 2011

-Trish Chant-Sehl noted that the RFP on the velodrome is not at the same level as the RFP on the other two stadiums

-after the RFP on the velodrome goes out at the end of August, 2011, it may be necessary for the city to file an addendum to the RFP by the end of September, 2011

-Brad Clark asked whether the city would be locked in at the higher number if the numbers are higher than council agreed to. Mr. Davis said they would come back to council if the number is higher

-Robert Pasuta asked whether the west harbour site has been officially removed. Mr. Davis said the west harbour is still the standing approved site and council would need to vote to change that

-Terry Whitehead noted that the project will have a significant impact on the neighbourhood surrounding Mohawk College and the discussion about the velodrome has taken place in a vacuum

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