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By littleLRTmouse (anonymous) | Posted August 10, 2011 at 14:42:52

The biggest problem in the discussion of LRT (or a street-rail-traffic) project in Hamilton (or elsewvere in GTHA) are the LRT advocates themselves. They would go on endless hyperbole about benefits of an LRT,but have never ventured to Buffalo,save for a hockey game. I suggest to you to go to your Facebook and look for "LRT Toronto". One fellow throws almost a temper tantrum, mixing in his tirade execution (that is,ROW,ramps,bridges and such) and machines without realizing it. - The fact is,that LRT will give a benefit to downtown Hamilton only if (1) it will have extended ROW on its route (2) possibly a pedestrian-LRT mall not longer than about 1.5km. (3) a fixed link to GO. A vision,that entire route,which will be about 14km long,may be somehow transformed into lengthy pedestrian zone,is most probably incorrect.

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