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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted August 10, 2011 at 12:32:54

I can't take the credit for my signature, but I feel it's a pretty important point (which is why it's been so long since I've replaced it).

There's no doubt that we could use a few leaders, champions, advocates, organizers etc. But fundamentally, is our problem not one of delegating these tasks away in the first place? Many of the skills associated with a good "leader" or "hero" could be learned by anyone. And while not everyone's a good writer, public speaker or researcher, we can all play "important" roles. As a teenager, I got a first-rate education on everything from media-strategies to publishing because the organizations I was a part of made a point to include as many people in these operations - even the dirty kids with silly hair. Having witnessed many similar organizations that didn't, it always cost them in the long run as the key individuals moved on or 'lost touch'.

People are really cynical about politics, and the best antidote is to hear about new and interesting ideas from people who aren't "special" or "important", and to be offered a chance to play a meaningful part themselves if they choose. For this reason, I love the term "organizer".

We don't need a hero, we need thousands of them. Where are our champions?

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