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By Synxer (registered) | Posted August 10, 2011 at 10:51:03 in reply to Comment 67778

+1 - fair response.

Although, I still think the mayor must be a self-reflecting individual in order to even notice change, or to accept that he may be wrong.

Right now, I am hopeless in Bratina. I didn't always feel that way. Previous to his mayoral candidacy, he was mostly progressive for his ward downtown. Even showing high support for a West Harbour location for the stadium.

Today, as I see him reach for a new excuse each time a great point is made in favour of LRT, he reveals to us that he only wants to confuse the topic. You can see this yourself by watching his composure. Aggressive, "flight or flight" demeanor before a word has been spoken. Upset that you even bring the issue up, let alone hear your point of view.

None of the previous mayors I can remember have ever had this sort of dismissive attitude. That's why next election, even if it's uncertain or same, is a better bet historically if we're looking for a mayor who will at least hear the citizens.

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