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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted August 10, 2011 at 07:29:46

Great piece.

We live in a very strange world. Where 'the cult of personality' rules. Where people consume gossip and vicarious experiences to the same degree that they do their empty calories. Where 'celebrity' is valued more than excellence.

Such is this materialistic, acquisitional, entitlement-based, detached-yet-Facebooking culture of 2011.

What you're referring to in the notion of 'champion' is pretty much a rarity these days. It's not that those people aren't out there, walking amongst us, it's that the 'system' we've created usually obliterates or eviscerates them before they have a chance to actually influence us.

But they're out there. Those who are capable of visionary leadership. Those who are capable of not only generating brilliant ideas, but of corralling others who are also capable of such stuff, who are capable of inspiring those who they seek to lead...because, make no mistake about it, people yearn to be led. It's in our natures.

But in order to get these 'champions' front-and-centre, I believe that we have to start changing our own landscape in order to fully utilize their gifts.

It's probably very much akin to that expression 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.'

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