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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted May 27, 2007 at 12:03:25

Agree in general, but a certain level of low density suburbs is part of a diverse housing mix. Just make it sensible: e.g. young retirees who don't have massive need for commuting. That would sort itself out economically if cities would stop subsidizing sprawl by giving away greenfields to developer pimps.

Such places could fulfill the mythos if their occupants could just stop hurting each other's quality of life (and therefore their own). That selfishness is worst in the burbs, but it holds for the whole city.

Examples of hurting each other: -Lawn maintenance (noise, air, soil, water pollution terrorists) -fast traffic scaring people off streets -wood smoke, no, it's neither pleasant not healthy -nuisance noise, especially that generated solely for visual vanity like two weeks of custom stonecutting just to trim the driveway

Enjoy your homes people, with all five senses. This has to start with being minimally considerate to your neighbours.

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