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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted August 08, 2011 at 15:01:12 in reply to Comment 67655

With remarks like these, I cannot see RTH as a legitimate venue for serious constituent dialogue.


'Can open, worms all over.'

First off, 'as opposed to where, exactly...?'

Secondly, I appreciated the anger. (And I don't agree that using 'Fund You' -thanks, CeeLo- would have seen nothing lost in the fanged attack. At all.)

Thirdly, why on earth would you think that Mayor Bratina would be remotely interested in 'sticking his neck out' on RTH? If I were him, I wouldn't. Not for a kajillion bucks. Why? Let's start with the voting. And then move on to the general disinclination to actually want discourse. (I'm not saying 'everyone'. But come on; there's often more vitriol and 'no listening, just waiting to speak again' than salient aspects of a topic's discussion.)

This site has many things to be lauded for. But it's hardly perfect, and it's certainly not somewhere that I'd expect to see anyone of note. Too much mud-slinging, the decorum is lacking in many instances...and to paraphrase a Wise Man of Hamilton, "...a dearth of cogent observation and a surfeit of missionary zeal."

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