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By mrgrande (registered) | Posted August 08, 2011 at 13:33:22

It is not our job to "push for LRT funding".

Fuck you, that is exactly part of your job.

That will only come with solid data around capital costs, operating costs, and new revenues derived from the project. If the numbers work, including tax implications for Hamilton residents and businesses, approval will follow.

You mean the kind of information that the LRT group was working on? Fuck you.

The media suggestion that there is some sort of debate going on is frankly false.

So there's no debate? Does that mean we're getting LRT, or we're not getting LRT? We don't know yet? Then there's still debate, fuck you.

Right now Council has nothing upon which to make further decisions, which will now occur thanks to the direction of the City Manager. Otherwise nothing might have happened as late as spring 2012 in terms of Council deliberation.

Now you're thanking the city manager for cutting back the LRT team, because this has reminded the city that LRT is there? If he didn't do anything, everyone would've fotgotten until Spring 2012? Fuck you.

Christ, I thought Di Ianni was bad...

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