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By littleLRTmouse (anonymous) | Posted August 07, 2011 at 05:44:12

The streetcar/LRT advocates should get out of their shadows and collective denial and push for some sort of street-rail-traffic registry and categorization. The reason is quite simple: As far as I know Calgary LRT has at its downtown terminal a lengthy pedestrian/transit mall,where people,buses and LRT trains mingle. But when out of downtown LRT uses unbuilt auto-ROWs,ramps,underpasses and such. Its trains are currently 72m long and preparations are underway for going to 96m. (Similar situation is in Edmonton). - T.O. LRT advocates have called Harbourfront line also an LRT line. Fair enough. But while Calgary has taken 2km away from auto traffic and gave it to public mass trasit,T.O. is different. Its vehicles are really "small" at 15m long and they still use collection poles,while rest of the world uses pantographs. Charlotte is mostly on lengthy ramp separate from auto traffic and in tunnel under downtown. The categorization would push Messrs.Bratina,Fergusson and all supporters to give a firm tag and vision to the LRT proposal and settle the discussion. - The same argument could be given to planned LRT from Port Credit thru M'ga to Brampton.What "level" of LRT is actually M'ga proposing? - The real danger is, that after years of proposing the stuff Hamilton could get only some sort of ugly and very expensive people-movement-preventing monster of a streetcar.

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