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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted August 03, 2011 at 11:39:30 in reply to Comment 67283

Ummm. Sort of an early riser. Unfortunately, I have jumped ship by that time and firmly planted in my cube by 9:30 in Burlington, returning to downtown by around 6ish.

And Undustrial, you are right there about the seperation. When you live in a city all of your life, I am beginning to think 6 shrinks down to 2? And yes, Mike is my cousin, brother, best friend. Before I knew RTH existed, he was one of few people I had these sorts of RTH conversations with. He has taught me a lot. I could go on and I probably will some time soon before the opening of Home Grown.

Haivng a large family, having worked played and been involved in the community in some way for a long time, and living in different quadrants of the city, means there is almost someone that you know wherever you go. Hamilton is almost like a giant Cheers bar where everyone knows your name. Having a cousin like Mike who seems to know everyone, those degrees keep shrinking.

Those who know Mark Tharme (former graphic arts teacher of mine from Dundas Valley School of Art and then later friend of Mike and Beth's talking about 6 degrees), or the band he was once a part of The Responsibles, might remember a song about a 'Little Big City'. Great track with the perfect lyrics to describe our town. Love the entire CD actually but that track is my fav. Unfortunately, I cannot find a copy of it to listen to online. It is called Big City Small Town from the album Out All Night.

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