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By Kevin (registered) | Posted August 02, 2011 at 16:57:31

Hey Larry and Dubya (a.k.a wrcu2):

Crazy small world story: Last summer, my neighbour asked me if I’d help him help another neighbour I hadn’t yet met. Mike had ordered 35 – 40 (?) sheets of drywall to finish his attic, but he broke his thumb the day they were dropped on his front lawn.

“Free Beer” was I’ll needed to hear and off we went. Mike was beyond grateful and said “thank you” three times for every Beer we drank and we drank a lot of Beer.

I had just published a piece called Flick on RTH where I described my frustration with my computer. Larry, you wrote in the comments you’d give me one for free.

I said to Mike, “Don’t worry, brother. Carrying dry-wall up stairs for hours on a hot day is Jenny Craig times ten. Besides, this is good Karma. Do unto others, Bob Loblaw.” (Get it?)

I continued, “I write for this blog and I guy I never met offered to give me a computer, yesterday. How nice is that?”

Mike said, “That sounds like my cousin, Larry.”

“Lawrence Pattison?” I asked.

“Yep, that’s him,” Mike said. “I’m not surprised. That’s the kind of guy he is. What blog do you write for?”

“Raise the Hammer.”

“ I know it. Ryan McGreal is a friend.”

Anyhoo, Mike and Beth (a.k.a. Mike’s Wife) are taking over the Sky Dragon café soon. I want to do a poetry reading there in the fall.

It would be great if you guys (and loved ones) could come.

Dubya, you should write about your daughter’s art. You have a way with words and this would be something close to your heart. I’m sure it would be masterful.

If Hamilton ever gets a train, I think they should let Ryan pick the colours.


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