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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted August 02, 2011 at 09:11:50

Beautifully illustrated, Kevin.

People are beautiful. There is good in people and in a piece that outlines all the reasons why people are crazy, you proved that it's not all that encompassing because there are people like you who get it and hopefully at least one person who reads this might stop to think about every word and realize there are many things in life - many decisions, they really need to think long and hard about. Like voting for Andrea if you truly care about the future of the planet and of your children.

Political plug aside, as you so perfectly put Kevin, the most influencial journey parents or those who volunteer or are in a position to influence any child, can embark on is to basically look at all of the things you have touched on above, and teach them the importance of loving people (and yes, animals ARE people too), compassion, open-mindedness, and a genuine appreciation for all of Mother Natures creations and how utterly important than are for the future of this spiralling planet.

Oh, and I don't think Murdoch and Black should be in jail. Their riches should have just been erased, as well as the pieces of paper that say they deserve a certain status, shreaded. Then perhaps, make them work in a factory for the time they would have served behind bars. Monitor their bank accounts, limit their travel including not allowing them to have a passport, and give them a long hard look at the bottom line. Jail costs 'us' too much. Put them to work. Teach them a hard lesson.

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