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By jason (registered) | Posted August 02, 2011 at 08:22:10

actually, I'm thinking the 'bedroom community threat' is less and less of a threat if we derail LRT. GO already exists and TO people know that. I chatted with 5 commuters this week who all said they will still take the bus and not the new trains to TO. They lamented losing the hope that one day they could hit an LRT to the GO station instead of driving their cars.

There are probably thousands of potential Hamilton residents who will re-think their plans upon hearing of this lack of leadership taking place:

I chatted with a local business person the other day with many out of town contacts. He's already seeing the ripple effect in the business community as folks who were beginning to consider development or expansion into Hamilton's core area are now backing right off and 'coming to their senses' about how realistic it is that we ever try to become a real city again.
We probably don't need to worry about becoming a bedroom community without LRT. Just a slow-growth, low-image, investment-unfriendly city.

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