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By Urban Dave (anonymous) | Posted July 19, 2006 at 08:43:20

Great article. I look forward to reading the book. Sorry that the previous commenters seem to be predisposed to rejecting ideas that they don't yet understand.

I saw a credible statement that a single parking space in a suburban office parking lot cost $1,000 per year. (It cost $1400 to build it, plus maintenance, and the lease cost of the land it sits on.) Coincidentally, that works out to the same price as the downtown parking garage fees that the companies are trying to avoid. It is nice to have the company paying the parking costs.

You see, cars (and the whole world that caters to cars) are a very expensive solution to our transportation needs. There are mountains of hidden costs. The subsidized costs hidden in government maintained roads is much higher. Search for "Cost of driving brochure" to see a pdf showing a TOTAL COST OF $1.19 PER MILE.

(To start: Divide a car's $20,000 price tag by 100,000 miles and you get 20 cents per mile just for paying for a car, its loan, and its maintenance. Gas at $3/gal and 30 mpg adds another 10 cents per mile.)

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