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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 29, 2011 at 01:41:50 in reply to Comment 67021

I think there is nothing wrong with talking about the angles that Ryan and others have taken. I have only read comments to this point so far, but if you and Capitalist think this is a justice thing which I am sure nobody will argue that fact, than talk about it and bring it up here as well rather than bashing someone elses slant on this story. There are many things to address here. I haven't been to Atlanta other than their endless airport, but when I was in Washington DC as a kid, I remember their roads not being so pedestrian freidnly to cross. Good luck trying to cross their 6 lane highways dressed up like city streets. It was like taking your life in your hands and I was nervous every time I had to cross. The cross walks were far too spaced out where I was as well. I thought crossing at a non-cross walk was a j-walking charge? Not manslaughter and three years in prison. That's very f'd up.

Those are her kids and it's a decision she made and maybe it was a bad one but the sheer horror that she has surely felt losing her child and watching her son killed in front of her and her daughter, is far greater than jail time and to take her other child's mom away and make him perhaps feel like she was at fault and a bad person because she got jail time for it, is twisted beyond beleif.

That girl needs her mother more than ever.

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