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By Mark-Alan Whittle (anonymous) | Posted July 24, 2011 at 12:42:12

Since I'm the only locally registered Lobbyist, I'm staying out of it WRCU2, I just like getting my LRT facts straight from the person in charge of it, the Metrolinx CEO. Not the nonsense emenating from city hall, no wonder the taxpayers are confused. That way I can filter out the blue-sky dreaming and manufactured controversy over the issue. I asked ex-mayor Fred Eisenberger how he get's to work from downtown west Hamilton, where he lives, to his job in Toronto. He takes public transportation (GO), then walks (1/2 hour) or takes the subway to his office building. How many Hamilton councillors can claim the same? Short answer, none. That's why there are 16 reserved parking spots seconds from the doors of city hall. The driveway to driveway experience. Too funny, that is.

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