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By Vod_Kann (registered) | Posted July 19, 2011 at 19:26:21

Two points here....

I would expect with a former broadcaster at the helm, the one area that would improve would be communication. Apparently not. The reason why there is such a big deal being made is the OPTICS look bad and sometimes that is everything. A large part of that comes from the same problems we had in the stadium- negotiating through the media and "leaked" e-mails. Can't anybody in this city compose a simple press release stating here is what we are doing, here's why we are doing it and this is how it affect the city?

Secondly (but I think related) - Is there another politician anywhere as thin-skinned as Mayor Bob? Barack Obama once said (paraphrasing) "Politics is a job where if 40% of the public hates you, you're doing well". Yet Bratina just takes EVERYTHING personally. Regardless of what has been done with any project, the public has the right to "that's not enough, we expect more". I wonder if he gets that?

As a Halton resident who did live in Burlington, this arrogance reminds me of Cam Jackson's tenure as mayor. Bratina has this "they'll vote me in regardless" feel that Cam had after year after year of election vitory (right down to getting in digs at the former mayor). he should be forewarned that Burlingtonians voted Cam out, not just because of the pier, but they tired of felling like they were in "Cam's Kingdom"

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