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By David B. (anonymous) | Posted July 18, 2011 at 19:43:30

LOOK MOM, IT'S A TRAIN DRIVING ON OUR STREETS! NO SON, IT'S A BUS! * IF people are so impressed with the look of the proposed LRT train photo's, why not build new buses to look like them? This way, no rail tracks or overhead wires will be required, they can drive almost anywhere on rubber tires, they can be towed away when they break down, they are not prone to be struck by lightning or die when the power grid is down, they don't connect to arcing overhead power wires that are known to cause annoying "snap, crackle & popping sounds" on Radio's & TV's, they are a
much cheaper alternative to build and operate, the streets don't have to be bastardized with rails to accomodate them, other vehicles don't have to dodge around wet slippery rails, they can stop on a dime, etc., etc., etc.! (db) :-)

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