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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted July 09, 2011 at 17:35:42 in reply to Comment 65792

I would like a larger council

Um... I think we'd need to foster some faith and respect for the notion of a City Council, first.

Either much higher or much lower pay for councillors. I believe right now they make around 90K. Thats not enough to attact people with an adequate skill set. Or just pay direct expenses - which would cut out the lifers.

First off, regardless of the quality of the candidates...'adequate skill set' and still comes down to the voters needing their own 'adequate skill set' to choose what you'd feel would be the 'best qualities'. How do you intend to accomplish this? Secondly, this 'lifer' issue. I'm assuming you're talking about people who get re-elected. By the voters. Who choose to vote someone in. Again and again. Assuming we've got a Councillor who does an exemplary job year-in, year-out...why is it a negative that competency keeps getting utilized? And if they're not doing an exemplary job and they keep getting elected...then who's at fault? The candidate for wanting to return to office? Or the voters who clearly do not execute their franchise by way of an 'adequate skill set'?

An annual proficiency exam covering subjects like financial analysis, civil engineering and urban planning - with the results published.

LOL How about not treating the idea of serving in local government as being some kind of element of entitlement? (I was ashamed at some of what unfolded during the last election.) How about instituting some standards for running for office, period? Or, putting a fine point on it, if we're going to have 'exams' for the candidates...why don't we have them for the people who are doing the decision-making, the voters themselves? Huh...?

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