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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 08, 2011 at 16:22:50 in reply to Comment 65807

I am with Brandon. I am an 'RTHer' and I don't ride a bike. I'd like to and would love to see some of these things implemented to make it safer for cyclists in turn attracting more riders.

I wasn't centering out MB by any means. I just understood why the way he/she stated his fact, wasn't neccesarily helpful to the conversation. If it was merely stated that this is something we have to address, okay. Absolutely true. But to 'start' there. That is the word that changed the sentence and he/she went on to clarify more clearly in a subsequent post and all is good in the world again.

That is not where we 'start' our quest to follow in the footstepts of these leading communities like Paris and Copenhagen. It's just something that we try to continue to stress as something bicyclists need to think of. But the 'stressing' needs to go both ways. But you are never going to completely make that problem go away as others have stated, or as even was mentioned, maybe in some cases the requiring of a full-stop isn't all the critical if you are talking about a survey and the cyclist/driver slows down enough to have a good look to see whether it's safe to slowly continue through the intersection.

Not sure how I feel about that last statement as I know on the streets in my neighborhood, stop signs are only at every other corner and with street parking, houses close to the corners, hedges, large trees, kids, cyclists, other vehicles, animals, etc., stops should be at every corner and even entrances to these areas blocked off from the main roads perhaps at every other street as well. We need to slow down traffic and do away with people (cabbies most notably), using our streets as alternative routes from Barton to Main Street. That's what the Ottawa's and Kenilworths and Wellington's of our world are for.

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