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By Grassroots Schmassroots (anonymous) | Posted July 08, 2011 at 16:06:17 in reply to Comment 65790

I'm not an angry person. I'm curious. I ask questions. I believe that these are perfectly fair and valid questions for taxpayers to ask.

I'd also like to know what percentage of benefit recipients possess a cell phone? What percentage of recipients have had additional children while already receiving benefits? What percentage of recipients have received benefits for more than one year? Two years? Three years? More?

(I must admit that to a certain extent, these are rhetorical questions. I will not concede that you are the resident expert on OW. I'm not currently sitting in the west wing library of a 5,000 square foot home on Lakeshore, casting judgement upon thousands of tragically poor Hamiltonians while I sip Cristal and bathe in $100 bills; perhaps others have just a little experience with OW and social services as well. I'm not suggesting that those on OW live a luxurious life; they don't. But even the staunchest supporters of OW (which I am, believe it or not) would have to admit that there are a lot of misspent and misdirected benefit payments. I can admit this. What's the solution?)

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