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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted July 08, 2011 at 16:04:37

I'm not an LRT at any cost kind of guy. For that matter, I'm not an anything at any cost kind of guy. Having said that, let me reaffirm my support for LRT.

What annoys me are Councillors who use unknown costs as a way of not expressing a position (see Mr. Morelli's essentially non-response). Of course LRT is subject to cost. Everything is.

Which university your kid goes to is subject to cost, but that doesn't mean you mope around and tell your kid maybe this university thing is just not in the cards and maybe we should all lower our goals. No! You keep dreaming, and investigating, and assessing, but you don't give up before you start. This all too clever phrasing by Councillors may work in court, but personally I like my civic leaders to be a little clearer on where they stand, what they want, and what they plan on doing about it.

You can add buying a house, building a business, revitalizing a street, etc. to that same file labelled "Subject to Cost".

Maybe it's time to start the "Dream Big" file, subject to cost of course.

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