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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted July 08, 2011 at 07:42:35

"We are not at the mercy of our own past choices. We are where we are today because of a long series of decisions that reflected our values and priorities. If we want our future to look different, we need to make different decisions."

Could not agree more. That applies first and foremost to electing the leaders that we do and being, on the whole, a politically disengaged populace (except as pertains to the zero tax increase). It is also attributable to every action in our daily lives.

BTW, even though I admire the hell out of Vélib' (and here I risk being labelled a squelcher), Paris and Hamilton occupy different dynamics. Quite apart from the historical support for alternative transportation (a subway system that marks its 111th birthday later this month, plus trams and inter-urban rail), Paris has a population density of around 3,550/km2 and the added bonus of 27 million tourists annually. Those sorts of factors seem to influence the success rate of these kind of programs in North America.

Still, here's something interesting: There are 300,000 parking spaces in inner Paris, and 80,000 parking spaces for two-wheeled vehicles. Even in parking they're ahead of the curve!

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