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By mb (registered) | Posted July 07, 2011 at 15:17:31

Seeing that my comment resulted in some interesting replies, I feel the need to clarify. At no point did I say that cyclists should stay off the road, or should not be allowed to share the road. Also, at no point in my brief post did I say there should not be bike lanes. It is safer for everyone (cyclists and pedestrians especially) for cyclists to travel on the road.

What I am saying is that cyclists need to be educated more as to the rules of the road. Sorry, Ryan, but I see far more cyclists running stop signs, not signaling, then I do motorists (just because they're cyclists doesn't make them saints). They need to learn (how to do this I don't know)that the rules of the road apply to them. They should suffer the same consequences for disobeying the law that motorists do. For all the times I have seen cyclists not signaling or running stop signs, not once have I seen a police officer writing out a ticket for them. I guess since they're being 'green', they get a free pass.

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