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mb screeches


Granting the legitimate criticisms below, I believe that there really is something to mb's rant. A large portion (perhaps a majority) of cyclists do appear to behave lawlessly: they run stop signs, they move onto cross walks and side walks at whim, they don't signal, the slide up along the right out of nowhere.

Now, I learned to obey the rules of the road (use hand signal; obey signs; stay off the sidewalk; behave as traffic) years before I learned to drive. When I went to junior high school in Stratford, the police department gave traffic training at the schools. And they staked out the approaches to the schools in September and in the Spring, stopping cyclists and issuing warnings and tickets. After being stopped for my third offense (how did he know, I wonder), I was threatened with having my bike confiscated*.

Hamilton in 2011 is not Stratford in 1980, so the method might not translate simply. But I do note that telling cyclists "STOP RUNNING STOP SIGNS" can be effective**.

* That may have been an idle or illegal threat, I realize now.

** Though I might also note that the one time I was run over by a car (well, my bike, not me), I was stopped at a stop sign in Stratford. The driver was drunk; he got off with a warning - my Dad blew a gasket; the driver bought me a new bike.

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