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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted May 04, 2007 at 11:26:15

You write "make a political point" like that's a bad thing...

The basic problem in hamilton is that drivers are made to feel like the world bends backwards for them and caters to their every whim. They get in the habit of driving like nothing's allowed to get in their way, and they take that habit off the main drags. I live on a side street that runs parallel to the Mainking Superhighwaystravaganza and cars whiz up our street like it's a collector lane--because they feel ENTITLED, and too bad for any kids that might get in the way.

I'm not just making a political point--i really think that entitlement habit is why drivers blow through stop signs and race down side streets and drive like they don't care about human life at all. Look at that woman taht was killed in a hit and run last week--she was knocked over a railing onto the highway below and the cars were freaking swerving around her body so they could get to work. No one even got out to help. Even the cops were blown away.

That attitude that being a driver and wanting to get somewhere is more important than all the poor shmucks hoofing it around is behind all the people getting hit. You can quibble the details of this or that incident but the pattern is pretty obvious. The culture of Get The Hell Out Of My Way that rules on Main and King spills over to the rest of the city as well.

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