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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 07, 2011 at 13:08:01 in reply to Comment 65726

Yes, MB's statement is true. I seen a cyclist fly through a red light on Barton Street right through Ottawa Street yesterday. It was a very dangerous and stupid thing to do. I also look at that roadside memorial that still exists for Matthew Power at Gage and King all these years later, and am reminded of dumb-ass drivers as well. In the case of Matthew the property term would be murderers actually.

But Ryan is perfectly right to say that MB's comment is not valid to this discussion because that is not where we start. It is a problem yes. Point it out because it is dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians and cyclists, but stopping cyclicsts from running stop signs or red lights or obeying the laws of the road in general, is not where we start. That statement is no different than the argument that adding more bike lanes is a dumb idea because there aren't a lot of bicycles on the road.

It's the circle affect. Youa re not going to have more riders on the roads if we don't find ways to make cycling safer.

And if people who actually do care about this city bugger off as you are wishing above, we are in a whole lot of trouble becuase if all that we are left with is the crap you just spewed above, Hamilton is going to hell in a coke oven.

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