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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 07, 2011 at 10:02:42

Love this:

One begins to assume they spring fully formed, like Athena, from the foreheads of their founders, operating under the aegis of their masterful design.

This article reminds me why I want to see Copenhagen first hand aside from the fact that its my 96 year-old grandfathers last travelling wish. They are getting it right on so many levels.

I love that RTH allows us to hear from people who have seen these initiatives like bicycle lanes an LRT, work first hand in other countries.

With all the articles on here about walkability and the endless benefits of LRT, you are helping us see that the benefits of implementing these things that will help us stray from our current car culture, are critical to our growth and our scary dependence on oil.

I am embarassed to admit on this forum that I haven't owned a bike since I got my license almost the day I turned 16. Last time I rode one I was living with a friend and rode his bent-wheeled bike to work and back until I could afford to fix my car. That was forever ago. Is it true you never forget to ride?

Its something I need to change about myself. I need to stop not doing things because I don't know how they work. Like how one attaches a bike to a bus or the rules around taking a bicycle on the train. I most definately need the excercise that is for certain.

2 years ago I was a transit/train newb and it was a bit of a frustrating learning curve but now I almost daily share the knowledge more experienced riders once taught me. I am still learning to this day about things that continually make taking transit, less of an inconvenience and more something I can feel good about. Of course, I'd much rather work in Hamilton than commute 2.5 hours but that's a whole different story.

The point is, so much in life is avoided because of the fear of change and of the unknown. Being open to new ideas can surprise you with how that change wasn't all that bad or even more often than not, how that change is so much better in so many ways.

Thanks Ryan and countless other RTH contributors and members, for opening our eyes to how we can not only create a better future, but feel good about that change as well.

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