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By Grassroots Schmassroots (anonymous) | Posted July 06, 2011 at 17:25:07

"Many people on OW I know today have ended up in situations where their total benefits don't even cover their rent. In such situations, welfare "fraud" becomes a requirement of having a roof over your head." - Undustrial

I didn't realize those on OW had it so bad. I've always made a note of the ridiculously high concentration of satellite dishes(!) belonging to residential units along King Street East and beyond in Wards 2 and 3 (arguably the most impoverished areas of the city). Count them for yourself the next time you're in the area; the satellite to resident ratio would put the wealthier suburbs or neighbourhoods to shame. The odds suggest that more than a few of them belong to OW recipients (in fact, I know they do). Are these the same individuals who "need" higher welfare payments to keep a roof over their head? To purchase healthy food? Seems to me as though priorities are often a little out of whack.

What percentage of welfare recipients smoke and are able to purchase cigarettes? What percentage of welfare recipients purchase alcohol on a regular basis? What percentage of welfare recipients, on a daily basis, search for practical educational opportunities or drop off resumes? According to some previous posts, data is of utmost importance; this is the data I would like to know.

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