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By Chop Down the Narcissus (anonymous) | Posted July 06, 2011 at 11:43:47

The idea that the painting should be about the viewer is correct, friend, but LONG GONE as an idea in this culture of self-centered, self-congratulatory, showy, attention-starved bourgeois boors masquerading (in masks made of something "shocking," I'm sure) as artists.

Pollock's works are an embarrassment. Not to him--he's dead!--but to the tragic crowd of art enthusiasts who never seemed confident enough to tell the Emperor--or the editor of the New York Times' arts section--that there wasn't a stitch of clothing in sight.

Pollock as a "phenomenon" is even more shameful as a "meme of academe," so to speak, than he was as an artist...The art critics in Pollock's day raved about his messes, gullible middle class (pseudo)intellectuals pretended to agree and now art teachers must pretend to find merit in his work and TEACH that lie! And a new generation of middle class intellectuals (if any are left) have to pretend to appreciate it.

The intellectual mess made by "non-representational" art is even bigger than the messes made on those poor, abused canvases.

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