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By slodrive (registered) | Posted July 06, 2011 at 09:14:58

Below is my message to Mr. Lloyd Ferguson. I have been very pleased with how he's responded to my questions and issues in the past. So, I'm confident that, at the very least, my voice will be heard. As per below:

Just caught an article in The Spectator and on Raise the Hammer regarding council's cold-feet on LRT. (Here's the RTH article link for reference: )

Why oh why are we still wavering on this?? After all the private, public and academia commentary that supports the initiative, combined with solid best-practices and case-studies that have been brought to the forefront, why are there councilors digging their heels in on this?? Unless, of course, its to legitimize their jobs by grandstanding and adding hours to the docket.

The goal of council, as seems to have been stated for the better part of a decade now, is to ensure investment and revitalization of our downtown. That means a more livable city that fosters intensification and commercial development. A mix of residents, employment and services. Where young professionals see potential - whether they own a car or not -- and where people see the progressiveness and cleanliness that results in the desire to locate their families there.

Yet a Councillor...a Hamilton Councillor...seems hellbent on intensification near Rymal road?? Is this a joke? Did we launch back into the 1970s where swallowing up land and flooding roads with more and more vehicles was not only a policy, but a passion?

Let's get with the times and start focusing on the community's future.


(slodrive) Ancaster, ON

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