Comment 65587

By Brandon (registered) | Posted July 05, 2011 at 21:47:35 in reply to Comment 65574

Thosw who struggle can be part of the solution, they can offer input, that would be more reflective of what is needed oppose to those who earn an living in the poverty industry, shooting thier big mouths off. Many of them in the poverty industry are tyrants, do not beleive in any democratic process, yet are always yapping about a whole lot of nothing. meanwhile many go without food, shelter or any visible assistance to the world in which they find themselves.

Never been on the system, you have nothing to say period!

So what's the answer? You've demonstrated that no one else here is capable of providing an acceptable solution, so ante up.

Here's your opportunity to present a workable solution...

Or are you just happier railing away at the injustice of it all?

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