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By whatever (anonymous) | Posted July 05, 2011 at 18:28:30

Hey shaddup: I do what I am talking about and gee, well, others have worked hard, gotten education, and yet still have not found a better life or have been lifted from poverty, considering the change in the job market, lots of precarious work, with no protection, period. You want to exchange stories, at least you have a union, you can file grievance, which many other workers out there cannot do that. My objective is to move back to the old days, direct action, workers engaging in general strikes, that is how the labour movement started, it is unfortunate, that the labour movement has moved away from their grassroots. How many union members actively go to their meetings, I hear mostly only when collective bargaining is an issue that the majority of unionized workers give a rats ass about issues that affect them.

I wonder did you take part in the train the trainer sessions at the local district CUPE office held a couple of months back?

Moylek: if you never have had experience going on welfare, then what experience can you relate to? Do you not agree that having lived experience tells a lot more about a situation then if you do not have that lived experience.

The whole system is degrading, some of the workers will try their best to assist you within the horrible confines of the system they must administer, while others are absolutely heartless and there seems to be no policy statement from the city, that would encompass what workers are being trained and if they fail to follow the training, what avenues are open to the general public to enact justice for their abusiveness?

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