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By shaddupsevenup (registered) | Posted July 05, 2011 at 10:49:26

This is all opinion, no empirical data, so feel free to cruise on by. But the last several months of living in Hamilton are making small "c" conservatism look good. I got a zero raise from the City, and my property tax went up anyway. Meanwhile, EMS got 8% raise, inflation went up 3.7% and I'm reading articles like this, and the one in the Spectator that suggest I give more of my money to taxes because it creates an economy, and like d.knox said, these articles suggest that welfare recipients are better at choosing where to spend my money than I am. I'm going on a four month "no spend" budget, and if my partner wasn't moving in, I'd have to consider selling my house, and that is no exaggeration. So instead of my spending my money in restaurants and shops on James N, OW and ODSP recipients can spend it on reserve cigarettes and the Dollarama. Sorry - but I can't see how this is viable.

So my options, as I see them, are to vote "c" or move to a Real City (which is a vote of another kind.)

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